Ecole des Maîtres 2023

L’Ecole des Maîtres, an international master’s degree course in advanced training, makes another stop at the Villa Manin this year. The appointment is from 17 to 26 September 2023 under the guidance of French-Argentinian actor and director Marcial Di Fonzo Bo.

Founded in 1990 in Brussels at the behest of the Ente Teatrale Italiano and the Ministries of Culture of France, Belgium and Portugal, the Ecole des Maîtres represents a research space where different teaching methods, textual and linguistic approaches can be experimented.
The 2023 edition is based on the text ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by William Shakespeare accompanied by Francisco Goya’s ‘Disparates‘ engravings that give the course its title. Created between 1815 and 1823, they depict dark, dreamlike scenes attributed to political issues, traditional proverbs and the Spanish carnival. Just as night in Shakespeare’s tale is the time of ghosts and disorder, day is the space of reality and order.
Different languages and different translations will foment the creation of a tale where reality (realism) will be contrasted with a new parallel reality (the absurd).

“We will work outdoors, in the woods, in parks, by the sea… looking for natural light and the transition from day to night. As in the play, everyone will cross paths in this strange, somewhat magical forest, on a haunted summer night that resembles a dream.” Says Marcial Di Fonzo Bo

The fruit of this intense work can be seen on Tuesday 26th at 7.00 pm. 

Admission is free, it is recommended to reserve seats by writing to


Giuseppe Benvegna, Emma Bolcato, Michele De Paola, Elena Natucci (Italia); Fanny Blondeau, Simon Espalieu, Jules Puibaraud, Souâd Toughraï (Belgio); Hélène Bressiant, Julien Crampon, Alexis Gilot, Adil Mekki (Francia); Pedro Baptista, Mariana Magalhães, Carolina Lopes, Rui Maria Pêgo (Portogallo)